All About Our Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo

All About Our Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo 

Today our beloved Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad unveil the new logo in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020. Did you the meaning our Visit Malaysia Logo? Let's check this information which I gathered from Tourism Malaysia Official Website.

Design Elements Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo 

1) The style of the logo is inspired by Malaysian Batik. 

2) The magnificent rhinoceros hornbill is perched on the left side of the logo. 
The iconic bird illustrates the unique fauna and eco-adventures that Malaysia has to offer. 

3) A red hibiscus adorns the top right of the logo. 
In the national language, Bahasa Malaysia, the hibiscus is known as “bunga raya”, loosely translated to “flower of celebration”. The flowers encapsulates the celebration of cultural diversity in Malaysia.

 4) The wild fern below the hibiscus is locally known as “paku pakis”. The edible plant is a favourite among Malaysians of all races, and is apt to represent the unique flavours of Malaysian cuisine.


1) The main colours blue, red and yellow used in the logo represent the colors of the national flag, Jalur Gemilang. 

2) The orange colour illustrates the year-round sunshine Malaysia receives.

3)  Lastly, the green colour represents the abundance of nature in Malaysia. 

The brilliance of these colours is eye-catching, and invites the onlooker to take a closer look.


Visit Truly Asia  2020

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