The Arifs Beach Time - Kick Start For 9 Days of School Holiday

In February 2019, The  Arifs gonna spend the next 9 days at home! Its School Holiday in conjunction of Chinese New Year Celebration this coming Tuesday.  Since mama doesn't want to face heavy traffic jam during this festive season, so this nine days we will spend quality family time at home only! Luckily we stay at the beautiful state of Terengganu, there are so many beautiful beaches near to our home.

So today, for the very first day of the school holiday, we spend our wonderful evening at the beach.
Mama is happy to see both of you, The Arifs playing happily at the beach. Playing sand, playing the waves bubbles and also running here and there.
Alhamdulillah for today plan goes smoothly as we planned. 

( I'm writing in English cause I want to polish my English writing skill that has been left behind so many years and also i'm in the mood to write in English instead of Malay. This is my blog anyway, who cares! ...) 


Aqalili Azizan said...

Bestnyaaa pergi pantaii!

Radhia Razali said...

Cantiknya permandangan pantai