GIG SPEED BY TIME INTERNET – Malaysia fastest Fibre Home Broadband.

Did you know that TIME Internet launched Malaysia’s fastest fibre home broadband service with speeds of up to 1Gbps last month? Wow!!! Its very great deal right! Having the fastest internet connection make our work be more efficient and effective without having to wait for loading process.

Why TIME Internet is your best choice?

#1 The Most Affordable High-Speed Home Brand

TIME unveiled new retail pricing for all of its plans
It’s 100Mbps plan (exclusively available online) is the most affordable high-speed home broadband plan in the market

TIME Fibre Home Broadband overall product offering

Home broadband market analysis


You can see clearly on the comparison chart above, TIME offer you the best plan ever. This plan is exclusively available online for a limited time, so hurry and you can get your hands on it before anyone else

#2 - 100% fibre broadband 

100% fibre optics are the new standard for higher network speeds, stability and quality. TIME  internet using 100% fibre optics from end to end, unlike service providers who use a combination of copper and fibre optics. On top of that, TIME own the infrastructure and network they use so it ensure the quality of the service delivered to you.

#3  - What can be done with GIG speed

Technology is progressing rapidly and bandwidth demands are getting heavier by the minute. With a super-fast connection, you can take full advantage of all the improvements no matter how advanced they become.

  • ·  With a 1Gbps connection, get your dream gaming experience even on online multiplayer mode. Best of all, no soul-crushing lag ever again
  • ·     Super-fast downloads and smooth streaming. On 1Gbps, you only need 16 seconds to download a movie!
  • ·        With 1Gbps broadband can cater for up to 30 devices using the Internet at the same time. Now everyone can stream, download and game all at once!
  • ·        With a 1Gbps connection, sharing memorable moments has never been easier. Transfer large photos and videos quickly to the cloud or to friends and family.
  • ·        Enjoy video calls so clear it's like your loved ones are right next to you.
  • ·    With 1Gbps broadband, you can enjoy the most engaging virtual reality experience in the comfort of your own home. Slip on your VR headset and transport yourself into a whole new universe!

#4  Easy to Sign Up

Signing up online is so easy – it only takes a few minutes
Moreover you get RM100 off your bill if you sign up online. Wow, really great offer , must grab!!

Lets sign up online for TIME Fibre Home Broadband as low as 100Mbps for RM99  online exclusive plan!

For more information and to sign up simply click >><

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I get a fast service from Time
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