Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Get From Printcious

Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Get From Printcious  | Do you have upcoming event in your company and looking for exclusive corporate gifts? Or are you looking exclusive gift for your wedding? If yes, I'm excited to share with you, all beautiful gifts idea which you can order from Printcious.

About Printcious. 

Printcious is a combination of the word “Printing” and “Precious” conveniently matches its catchphrase as well “Print Your Precious Gifts”. Printcious is an e-commerce website specializing in personalized gifts in which anybody can design their own gifts with easy-to-use online design tools and get a unique gift for themselves and their loved ones. 

Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Get From Printcious

1. Button Badge / Button Pin

Printcious button badges are made with highly durable metal and are printed in bold and flamboyant colours that would leave a long lasting impression on your guests. You can choose from 8 types of different button badge designs ranging from the common safety pin, mirror keychain, fridge magnet, round keychain, magnetic opener, cartoon keychain, ball pen, and a ribbon medal fit for any occasion.

There are also several sizes available which meet your need. The sizes range from 75mm to 25 mm.

Printcious mugs are made with a top-notch porcelain clay which guarantees its high durability. The mugs are fully coated to ensure the high-quality colour production. Fully tested and adheres to the RoHS compliant making it safe to be used for daily life. It can be fully stamped with any logos or artwork of your choice and be printed with the rich colours on the surface.


ColourWhite, Blue, Green, Black, Orange, Pink, Red & Yellow
Printing MethodSublimation Heat Transfer
Printing Area19cm x 8cm
FeaturesDishwasher & microwave safe, UV resistant & long lasting, tested against RoHS

Printcious is a direct importer of magic mugs and does printing locally. So it guarantees fast delivery and quality printing at an affordable price.

A thermochrome heat sensitive coating is sprayed onto the entire outer surface of the mug. Just add hot water and this coating becomes transparent to reveal a wonderful photo image underneath.


ColourBlack, Red, Blue, Green
Printing MethodSublimation Heat Transfer
Printing Area17cm x 8.5cm
WeightApproximately 390g
FeaturesDishwasher & microwave safe, UV resistant & long lasting, tested against RoHS

4. Lanyard 

Printcious lanyard comes in a high-quality full colour heat transfer printing to ensure that product's printing on the lanyard would be at your satisfaction. You can choose to accessorize your lanyards with our add-ons, attachments and other accessories which would be ideal for your advertising purposes!

We provide different accessories or attachments for your lanyard printing.
- Crocodile clip
- Lobster hook
- Oval hook
- Plastic buckle

For printing, Printcious use dye sublimation heat transfer printing on your lanyards. Thus, you may have a vibrant full colour printing on your lanyards at an affordable price.


Overall LengthApproximately 93cm
Width15mm & 20mm
Printing MethodFull Color Heat Transfer
AccessoriesClip or Hook
AttachmentsBuckle & Handphone String
Add-onsID Card Holder
FinishingClamp or Button
5. Cushion / Throw Pillow 

Get your personalized soft and plush cushion with impressive designs to wow your guests! With so many designs to choose from; you can design your own cushion or send in your artwork and Printcious will take care of the rest.

You can opt for a full printing on the cover or print your artwork at the centre of the cushion. Get our cosy pillow printed with your own designs for an affordable price only in Printcious.

Printcious normal cushion size is 40cm x 40cm and the printing area is 18cm x 18cm. Following are the colors available.

Printcious full print cushion uses polyester material for full color heat transfer printing. It can be 1-sided or 2-sided.

 Printcious Custom Mousepad Printing it is made with highly durable material, it will leave a long lasting impression to your guests. There are two types of mousepad you can choose:- 

1) Full color heat transfer printing on Fabric + Soft Rubber.

2) Matt PVC Lamination + 260g Artcard full color print + EVA Foam.


MaterialFabric & Soft Rubber
PrintingFull Color Heat Transfer
ThicknessApproximately 3mm
Size22cm x 18cm

Simply follow steps below. 

I personally recommend for you to get personalized Corporate Gift, Wedding Gifts or any events at Printcious. 

Good news!

Printcious not only in Malaysia but also available in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand

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