SHINE GoldVite F Soft Gel - Amazing Supplement To Keep You Energetic All Day Long!

Hye! Still in new year mood with excitement to start something NEW. This year 2020, it's our time to rise and shine! So, let me introduce to you the amazing product that may help you to achieve your goal this year with a healthy body. SHINE is a health supplement brand, formulated to boost one’s health .

SHINE GoldVite F Soft Gel -  Amazing Supplement To Keep You Energetic All Day Long!

SHINE serves as a platform that helps to enhance the health and the evolution of the living lifestyle
SHINE provides a 360-degree coverage nutrition that includes:
  • General well-being 
  • Herbal preparation 
  • Men’s and women’s health 
  • Bone and joint health
  • Kids’ health 

SHINE GoldVite F Soft Gel Key Ingredients

Premium combination of 3 main ingredients:

  1. Authentic Korean ginseng,

  2. Royal jelly,

  3. 17 types of multivitamins and minerals

    Therefore, this supplement contains amazing ingredients that may help our daily task smoother with sufficient energy throughout the day.
I also like the packaging of this supplement in blister packing so its convenient and freshness, easy to carry as well!

SHINE GoldVite F Soft Gel Benefit 

  • Keeps you energetic and alert all day long
  • Helps get through the afternoon slump without coffee
  • Improves concentration during work
  • Support body’s stress in response to shorten recovery from illness
  • Fills the nutritional gaps

Suitable for:
  • Working adults, shift workers 
  • Children over 12 years old 
  • Those with active and busy life 
  • Those who feel tired/fatigue easily 
  • Frequent traveler with jet lag issues 
  • Those who always stay up late 
  • Those who wish for fast recovery from illness

Dosage and Precaution
Dosage: 1 softgel per day, after meal 
 ◦ Not for individual with asthma or allergy to bee products
◦ Contraindicated in pregnant women

Once-a-day dosing is enough to get its wholesome benefit!

SHINE GoldVite F Soft Gel Price

Normal price RM 39.90
Newly launch promo price
Buy 2 get 15% off 

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