Am I Blocking Miracle to Happen?

Life is full of surprises and miracles... That's my life. 

But, some thing just not right happening in my life. Am I blocking miracle to happen ? 
A lot of things not happen like i wish, and somehow the worst thing happen. Honestly, i'm really in bad shape and wish go to moon and forget about how tough life is. But how far can i run from the truth. 

Surprisingly, this morning i got email notification from Elyse - Note on Bliss mentioning about 3 ways YOU block miracles. 

Here again, magic cue from Allah Al-Mighty. Allah know how far i'm deviate from happy soul to stressful one. 

Ok, let me share with you how our daily actions and thought may blocking miracles to happen. 

#1 You are not clear on what you want

The problem is most of us go through life focusing on what we don’t want – we complain about our boss and focus on the missing 000s in our bank balance and lament our lack of love or true friends. That’s lack saying to the Universal waiter – I don’t want tuna. I don’t want tacos. I don’t want watermelon. How can the waiter bring you what you truly desire?

Guess what? You are here to be you. Your path and purpose and passions in life are 100% unique to you. You simply cannot base your life around what other people think 

So get clear on what you want (Who are you? What are your values? What are your true desires and passions?) and commit to living a life that is true to you.

#2 You don’t feel worthy of happiness

The world is a reflection of us, and we subconsciously sabotage the love, abundance, success and happiness we receive when we don’t feel worthy of it, you have to raise your self-worth to bring more miracles into your life.

You have to say: I am worthy and deserving of everything I desire, I am inherently enough and divinely perfect, and from now on I am going to design a life that truly reflects my greatness. (Repeat that out loud!)

#3 You are not letting your blessings in the door

Now imagine the Allah send to us postal delivery men. They was at your door trying to delivery your parcel – your true dreams and desires.

But you are not hearing the doorbell ring because you either:

1. Don’t believe you ever receive parcels in the mail – so your subconscious mind is simply ignoring the sound of the doorbell.

You have to actually BELIEVE things can change in your life, and believe there are loving relationships, fulfilling careers, inspiring friends, financial abundance or fun times out there for your mind to filter them through into your awareness. You have to believe it to see it.

2. You are busy watching a television show about all the negative things in your life and all the things wrong with you so you don’t hear the doorbell.

We have to be an energetic match to what we want. If you think that love, money or a career change would make you feel happy and enough... you have to find small ways to feel happy and enough today. Because then you will be an energetic match to what you want. Start to focus on the things you appreciate about where you are, love yourself more, and do things that bring you joy, and you will attract more magic and abundance.

3. You are out in the wilderness trying to make everything happen with sticky tape, an orange and four hours sleep (seriously, how most of us live).

Manifesting sometimes requires action. Once we are clear on what we want and accept our worthiness of it, we are often giving a nudge in the right direction to find what we desire. 

This kind of action feels generally good – we feel trusting, guided and non-attached to the outcome. We know that there is a higher power at work for our highest good beyond what we can comprehend. We do our part – showing up to life and taking baby steps towards what we want – while leaving the exact when and how up to the magic.

But most of us have been taught that life is hard, sucks and you are in this on your own. So we are practically sinking into the earth each day with the weight of the world on our shoulders, feeling like we have to decide, organise, get right, fix, manage and do every single aspect of our lives.

And this energy blocks the miracles. It blocks the ideas and aha-moments from our soul. 
Joy is an energetic signal that we are okay and we have enough and we ARE enough, which brings us more reflections of this. Peace means we know we are perfect spiritual beings, we have everything that we need within, and we are here to co-create a happy and beautiful world in an inspired easeful fun adventurous miraculous surprising dance with the mysterious one infinite creator of life.

So to wrap this up with a bow, if you want to open yourself up to more miracles and magic in your life:

1. Get crystal clear on your deepest desires and passions.

2. Know that you were born worthy of everything you desire and more; you are the Universe in human form.

3. Start to co-create miracles by believing in yourself and your dreams, raising your vibration daily, and taking inspired action towards what you want.

Thanks NoteOnBliss.Com for this warm thoughts and reminder for me.
May miracles do happen to me and to us. Indeed Allah is The Bestower of Sufficiency and The Merciful. Okay, i need to wake up and stop blocking my miracles with negative thoughts and stressful day. Wish me LUCK <3

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