My Arifs - My Optimistic Kids!

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Today i decide to write an article for English section in my blog.

The topic about my life, my inspiration, my everything which in My Arifs.

Muhammad Arif Haikal
Muhammad Arif Hakim. 

One of my life goal is to raise My Arifs to become Optimistic Kids.

I want to give them freedom and time to play .....freedom to do anything they want to do. 

Happy kids with optimistic mind.
Like her mom =) 

How to raise an Optimist?

As parent we have to STOP complaining about anything in front of our kids. They are learning from watching our attitude. So no matter what happen. Try our best to say positive things in front of the kids. 
Everyday, every situations. 
the goal is always the same. 
To focus on the positive side. 


Give our kids opportunity to prove their worth.

“Entrusting children to complete tasks makes them feel capable,” -Tamar Chansky, Ph.D., a child psychologist

What kind of task to give to our kids?

Task need to be age appropriate, since the point is for kids to succeed. 
For instance , i give task to my 3-year-old boy to pick up his toys, and 5-year-old to carry plates to the sink.


Are you over-protective parent like i used to be?  i know, we are struggle with how much to try to protect our kids from getting (or feeling) hurt.

As a parent we have to encourage reasonable risk-taking in order to our kids to explore more, do more and achieve more in life. 

Did you know, what happen we become over-protective parent and keep discouraging them?

End of the day, our kids might not be as skilled as other kids, hence lower their self confidence and  pessimism will seep in.

Ok, i think three fundamental Tips to raise optimistic kids as i mentioned above is more than enough for us, as parent to nurture optimistic kids in our family. Thanks for reading my thought and experience, may Allah grant our wishes to see our kids grown up like a champion. 

"Optimism is essential to achievement 

and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress"


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