Event Review : CoolBlog Rasa Rasa Malaysia Launch

Happy Weekend Everyone.

 Today i would like to share with you an interesting event of CoolBlog Rasa Rasa Malaysia Launch
This event was held on Thursday, 07 September 2017 at Saloma Bistro & Theatre Restaurant.

Altimet (left), Anis Nabilah (second from left), Keith Loh (second from right), and Esther Yap (right) with the drinks from the new Rasa Rasa Malaysia menu.

This Hari Malaysia, CoolBlog Malaysia has launched Rasa Rasa Malaysia, its new range of colourful flavours catered to Malaysian taste buds. The new drinks were unveiled in conjunction with the celebration of Merdeka and Malaysia Day, incorporating flavours that are distinctly Malaysian and derived from local desserts.

The launch event was also attended by International Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah and Malaysia’s Number One Rapper, Altimet.

Altimet showed off his creative side by freestyling a 30-second rap on CoolBlog and the cool elements of the new range of drinks

Anis wowed the audience with her preparation of the “Nyonya Curry Laksa” which was the perfect complement to a Rasa-Rasa Malaysia drink

Keith Loh, CEO of CoolBlog with the three new drinks from the new menu, Rasa Rasa Malaysia. They are:  Cendol Durian Smoothie, Coco Yam Pulut Hitam Smoothie, and Coco Kacang Coklat Smoothie.

“This new range of flavours is a localisation of our favourite tastes and fully portrays our country. It was an undertaking all of us at CoolBlog really enjoyed and we hope that these flavours would give Malaysians something to look forward to,” said Keith Loh, Chief Executive Officer of CoolBlog Apps Sdn Bhd.

Altimet and Anis Nabilah giving their stamp of approval on their favourite drinks from the Rasa Rasa Malaysia menu. Prices of the drinks start from RM4.50. 

Anis Nabilah said, “Food is something very close to my heart, and I believe food is something that makes us inherently Malaysian. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to demonstrate my perfect version of this special dish, and I certainly feel it will gel well with the new Durian Cendol Smoothie.”

“Malaysia is my home.” Altimet contributes. “I am proud to be a Malaysian, and I think that CoolBlog’s efforts to showcase Malaysian desserts are a feat of itself. Where else in the world can you find a multitude of flavours that go so well together? And after trying the new Rasa Rasa Malaysia drinks, I believe that CoolBlog has outdone themselves.”

The drinks from the new Rasa Rasa Malaysia menu. This menu will be available at all CoolBlog outlets from 7 September onwards and will be a permanent addition to the menu board.

In addition to the new drinks, CoolBlog also embarked on a nationwide search to find out what is cool about Malaysia. Apart from standard answers such as Football and Culture, the number one cool factor for Malaysia is, unsurprisingly, ‘Food’. 

“Truly, through this exercise, it proved to us how proud Malaysians really are of our country and why they chose to make Malaysia their home. This is proof that although all Malaysians are unique and different, one thing unites us all, and that is Food,” Keith concludes.

CoolBlog is a well-known Malaysian brand that is growing internationally. Based on a concept of combining local Malaysian desserts with global flavours, CoolBlog is the leading innovator of ice-blended and smoothie based beverages in Malaysia. CoolBlog aims to innovate and create great, beautifully crafted dessert beverages that Malaysians can be proud of.

For more information about CoolBlog, please log on to their Facebook page

Happy Malaysia Day Everyone and enjoy delicious Malaysian Coolblog today!

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