Chinese New Year 2022 is a time for families to celebrate prosperity and kinship.  It is a time when delicious foods are served in abundance. In line with this, Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites Shah Alam (MHS) ushers in the Year of Tiger with Halal Auspicious Yee Sang Menu, Pre Chinese New Year Appreciation Menu, Chinese New Year Eve Dinner Menu & Chinese New Year Prosperity Menu. The Menu prepared by our Chinese cuisine specialized chef, lead by Chef Patrick Ng.

Auspicious Yee Sang Menu is a perennial dish during Lunar New Year. Toss your way to good fortune and abundance of wealth with four of new yee sang variations according to the size and guest taste such as Lucky Salmon Yee Sang, Colorful Jelly Fish Yee Sang Prosperity Abalone Yee Sang, Joyful Salmon Fish and Jelly Fish Yee Sang, and Special Vegetarians Yee Sang.  The prices started from RM48.00+ until RM 138.00+ with minimum of two person per order.


The restaurant also offers Pre Chinese New Year Appreciation “Loh Sang” Menu for family and company gathering or with friends and business associates. It is begin at a price as low as RM 688.00+ (7 course), RM 988.00+ (8 course), RM 1288.00+ (8 course), RM 1388.00+ &  

RM 1,888.00+ (8 course). The offer set menus available for lunch or dinner for 5-8 persons per table by early reservation .

The Special  New Year Eve Dinner for style to create more gastronomic celebration with colleague and friends. It offers eight-course in the set menu at price of RM 688.00+ for 5-6 persons and RM 1,388.00+ for 8 persons.  This a special set menu including Lucky Salmon Fish Yee Sang,  Double Boiled Black Garlic, Dry Seafood Soup with Chicken and Cordyceps Flower, Steamed Village Chicken with Dry Scallop Sauce and Hong Kong Kai Lan, Baked White Shell Prawn with Honey Ginger and Sesame Sauce, Steamed Red Garoupa with Wood Ear Fungus “Kampong” Style, Braised Baby Abalone with Shimenji Mushroom and Broccoli, Steamed Rice with Sun Dried Oyster and Dry Shrimp & Crispy Fried New Year Cake “Nian Gou” . 


Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant also offered Chinese New Year Prosperity  is dedicated for reunion great Lunch or Dinner with your loved one. It offers six-course in the set menu at price of RM 688.00+ Prosperity Chinese New Year Good Health & Luck “Loh Sang” menu for 5-6 persons,    RM 988.00+ Prosperity Chinese New Year Joyful and wealthy “Loh Sang” Menu  for 8 persons, RM 1288.00+ Prosperity Chinese New Year Gong Xi Fa Chai “Loh Sang” Menu, RM 1388.00+ Prosperity Chinese New Year Self Love & Belief “Loh Sang” Menu, RM 1888.00+ Prosperity Chinese New Year Good Luck & Happiness “Loh Sang” Menu.  This exclusive set menu including Lucky Salmon Fish Yee Sang, Imperial Double Boiled Dry Seafood Soup with Chicken and Cordyceps Flower, Duo Roasted Duck Combination (Thai Style Shredded Duck Salad & Duck Meat Roll), Spice Duo Garlic Baked Fresh Water Prawn, Steamed White Promfret with Roast Golden Garlic and Abalone Sauce, Braised Baby Abalone with Trio Fresh Mushroom and Broccoli, Golden Fried Rice with Scallop and Prawn Meat, Crispy Fried New Year Cake “Nian Gou”.


The Chinese New Year promotion delightful menus are available at Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant from 15th January 2022 until 28th February 2022. Start from 11.30am to 2.30pm for Lunch or Dinner, it is available from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. For information and reservations, please call Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant at 03-5511 8811 ext. 2616 OR WhatsApp & Call 019-261 6847 or directly email to, Visit our website for more information at

Guests are encouraged to make a reservation 5 days in advance by calling 03-5511 8811 extension 2616 (Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant). All prices are subject to 6% government tax. All menus are certified Halal by JAKIM & JAIS.


Mardhiyyah Hotel and Suites is managed and owned by Mardhiyyah Hotel Sdn Bhd.

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