Magical Moment with Hafiz's Friendly Fireflies Watch

Assalamualaikum and happy weekend to all my blog readers. 

 Today i would like to share one of my sweet memories during Family Day KBBA9 at Legend Resort Cherating.

At the very first day of our trip at Legend Resort Cherating, we are invited to experience the most unique attraction at Cherating which is Fireflies Watch.

We departed from Legend Hotel Resort by bus at 8.30 pm and arrived at Hafiz's Cherating Activities 10 minutes later. 

Upon arriving arriving all the bloggers from KBBA9 were given life jacket and proceed to briefing hall. 

Later, Mr Hafiz give briefing about the fireflies.
The species of firefly at Cherating river is non-synchronous fireflies which mean the fireflies population don't show their flash at one time together. But they only show flash for communication to alert any danger approaching and for mating purpose.  Also we were informed about " do and don't " along the trip such as prohibition to use mobile phone and camera that illuminates light. 

After 10 minutes briefing, all bloggers went to jetty and ready to cruise at night and meet the mesmerizing Fireflies along the Cherating River. 

Honestly, i feel nervous since it was my first time ride on a boat at night time. But with the presence of my fellow bloggers from KBBA9, i can overcome my anxiety. 

Sorry there is no pictures of mesmerizing fireflies that i could share with you. Due to no camera is allowed during one hour trip - Fireflies watch, since all tourist was advised to avoid light pollution that may reduce the population of the fireflies at Cherating River. 

But i will share my experience in words. 

The surrounding along the river is dark, only moon light and stars i could see.

Then, Mr Hafiz showed his skill as " Fireflies Whisperer" calling the fireflies to flash and came to us at the middle of boat. 
I felt so amazed to see group of fireflies flash here and there, very beautiful and like fairy tale. 
Am I dreaming?

My fellow blogger friend managed to catch the firefly and gave it to me to hold for a moment.
The firefly is very light, i can't feel anything while holding it, but only could see the flash.

This amazing experience is very worth it. I never imagined that Fireflies Watch at Cherating river was enchanting like this. 

Highly recommended place for all tourist when visit Cherating. 

Despite of Fireflies Watch, there is a lot things to do at Hafiz's Cherating Activities such as Cherating Mangrove Cruise, Snorkeling Trip, River Kayak, Banana Boat's Drive, ATV Ride, Release Baby Turtle, Turtle Laying Egg Watch dan Fishing Trip. 

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