10 Makanan Perlu dielakkan sebelum naik kapal terbang

Beberapa hari lagi nak bawa anak-anak holiday naik kapal terbang. Setiap hari lalu airport, Arif minta nak naik kapal terbang. Si adik hakim pun dah pandai sekarang. Tengok kapal terbang depan mata..dia sebut... " Mama..Ayopen.." pelat lagi nak pronounce " aeroplane".
InshaAllah, semoga Allah mudahkan anak-anak mama naik kapal terbang untuk kali kedua ini. First time last year, huda pun dah lupa pasal pantang larang makanan yang perlu di elakkan sebelum menaiki kapal terbang. 
Ingat-ingat lupa jer ni. Pernah baca dalam majalah Travel 3Sixty inflight Magazine 
Jadi hari ni huda buat research dan huda kongsikan untuk panduan kita bersama. Penting untuk ambil tahu, lagi-lagi bila kita jadi ibu dan isteri. Nanti orang tersayang kita tak selesa dan tak enjoy flight kita yang akan rasa bersalah, sebab prepare makanan yang perlu di elakkan sebelum naik flight. 
So huda kena pastikan juadah sebelum naik flight nanti FREE from 10 this kind of food/drink!
#1 -Fried Food
"Fried foods can cause heartburn thanks to all those fats and oils, and they tend to be high in sodium, which can lead to fluid retention and cause bloat or swelling in your body. "
#2-Red Meat
"Many people have difficulty digesting red meat, so in addition to discomfort, you could treat everyone around you to a pretty gross odor as your body attempts to to digest it."
#3 -Coffee
" Airplanes are already drying to your body to begin with, so combined with the dehydrating properties in caffeine, you could easily develop a headache or become nauseous."
" Nuts might seem like a healthy choice, but all the fiber in them makes them difficult to digest, and you know what that means—gas and bloating.


"Apples might seem like a healthy choice, but all the fiber in them makes them difficult to digest, and you know what that means—gas and bloating."


" Like beans, cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower can cause gas, so wait to nibble on them until after your flight."

#7 - Carbonated Drink

"Not only should you avoid them before flying, but when the drinks cart comes down the aisle, you're best sticking with water. Carbonated beverages like soda can cause gas and possibly heartburn."

#8 -  Spicy Food

"Spicy food is notorious for causing stomach discomfort, so if you want your flight to be as comfortable as possible, stick with something more bland before boarding."

#9 -  Garlic & Onion

"Everyone knows that garlic gives you smelly breath;"
"Garlic compounds are absorbed into your bloodstream and lungs, so even if you brush your teeth or chew gum, you aren’t going to tackle the smell."

#10 -Fast Food

" high-sodium foods can cause you to retain water, further contributing to that bloated feeling."

Overall, semua makanan dan minuman ni nak elakkan bloating.
The air pressure changes in the cabin can lead to the gases in your stomach expanding.
Think of how a water bottle expands in the plane, and explodes a little when you open it mid-flight - the same thing is happening in your gut!

So, nak masak apa ni untuk lunch before naik flight nanti?

Masak tanpa bawang putih, tak boleh goreng, tak boleh pedas. Hmm, kena fikir kan menu terbaik ni..

Ok, sekian perkongsian hari ini. Esok huda buat research lagi menu apa nak masak sebelum travel nanti. Nanti huda kongsikan yer. Terima kasih singgah dan baca entry huda ini. Jika bermanfaat kongsikan dengan kawan-kawan yer.

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